Your committee

For the 2023-2024 session, Newbury Astronomical Society has a committee of 16 who are responsible for ensuring the running of the society effectively and smoothly, in line with the stated objectives in the Constitution. Of these, 12 are voting committee members with the rest non-voting co-opted or outgoing members. 5 of the committee members are officially Trustees of the charity and therefore carry the legal obligations to ensure the proper governance of the organisation in line with UK law.

A number of committee members have specific, designated roles - their details are below. In all cases, please don't hesitate to reach out to committee members if you have a question, problem, or suggestion. It's your committee and we're here to help!

Paul Gibson - Chair

Tony Hersh - Vice Chair

Victoria Willcocks - Secretary

Alan Wyles - Membership Secretary

Peter Bendall - Treasurer

Chris Hooker - Main Meeting Lead

Steve Harris - Beginners Lead

George Sallit - Outreach Lead

Gareth Jarrett - Communications Lead

Other Committee Members:

Mark Gray

Chris Lloyd

Christopher Douglas

Ann Davies

David Boyd

Julie Armstrong

Kath Nurse