Latest Astronomical News - November 2023

19th Appleton Space Conference  

This major space conference on Thursday 7th December 2023 celebrates the latest advancements in space science, Earth observation and technology development.​​


Register online by 6th December to watch the live stream of all the session and take part in Q&A.


The Appleton Space Conference brings together academic and business leaders from across the space sector to discuss the latest advancements in space science, Earth observation and technology development.


The talks and panel sessions will take place from 09:05 - 18:00, see the conference programme​ for more details and meet this year's speakers.

The 19th Appleton Keynote Lecture will be presented by Prof Dame Jane Francis, Director of the British Antarctic Survey, "From greenhouse to icehouse: 100 million years of climate change in Antarctica".

Possible Rare Outburst of Andromedid meteors around 5th December?

You would be for forgiven for not having heard of this meteor shower, but things could get interesting early next month. See this link:

T. Coronae Borealis update has just issued a circular reporting a dip in the brightness of T Coronae Borealis, a recurrent nova. It is normally around mag. 10, so really needs a telescope to see it, but In previous outbusts, it has reached mag. 2 in May 1866 and mag. 3 in February 1946 (naked eye, even from Newbury!). We had a false alarm in 2016, but the Sky & Telescope article from then may give some useful context 

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