Image of the Month

Every month the new NAS Newsletter "Pegasus" will feature an image from a NAS member - this may be an advanced example of imagery; it might be someone's first shot of the night sky. It might be a picture of an observatory, or something else related to astronomy. We'll also feature the image on this page, so if you feel you have an image that might be of interest, please submit your photos to 

February 2024

A brand-new supernova, currently visible (faintly!) in the distant galaxy NGC 3206. This is another image taken by Steve Knight using his ZWO Seestar s50. A type II core collapse supernova, these explosions mark the end of the life of massive stars that were previously 8 or more times the mass of our Sun – and will leave behind it either a neutron star or a black hole. The magnitude of the supernova at the time of imaging was estimated at 14.1, which is pretty faint and quite a performance from such a compact little telescope!

I would also draw readers attention to the other, fainter, galaxies that can be glimpsed elsewhere in the image. Another indication of the vastness of our universe. 

January 2024

M42, the Orion Nebula, one of the first nighttime images taken by Steve Knight using his new ZWO Seestar s50. A number of members have now acquired one of these little 50mm robotic scopes, and the image is an indication of the power and ease of use of them